Quench Weekly Water Top 10 – June 15

The Quench Weekly Water Top 10 recaps the week’s top stories on drinking water issues. Come back each week for the latest news!

  • “Erin Brockovich” Town to Receive In-Home Water Filtration – 200 residents of Hinkley, Ca. will be provided permanent in-home water filtration by Pacific Gas & Electric to mitigate the effects of hexavalent chromium pollution in the ground water that occured from 1952 through 1966.


  • National Parks Watch: Zion Bans Plastic Water Bottles – Add Zion National Park in Utah to the list of natural treasures that no longer permits the sale of plastic water bottles.


  • And the Winner Is:  Fremont, Nebraska! – The American Water Works Association declared Freemont, Ne. water to be the “best of the best” at its annual taste test this week.


  • The Shirt Off Your Back – Sportswear manufacturer Under Armour now markets a “Green Collection” of ultra-light-weight clothing made from recycled plastic water bottles.


  • Want to Catch a Movie in Maryland this Weekend? – The Reel Water Film Festival takes place in Germantown, Md. this Saturday. More than 60 films focused on the global water crisis will be screened.


  • Under the Sea -  A clean-up of marine debris 5 miles off the coast of Maine yielded 557 pounds of garbage, including a full case of unopened plastic water bottles!


  • What’s Lurking in Your Municipal Water? – The US Geological Survey Toxic Substance Hydrology Program released a National Survey of Susceptible Streams and Aquifers that indicates the presence of antibiotics, prescription drugs, detergent, DEET, caffeine, and fluoxethene in water sources in 30 states.


  • Sierra Club Sets Baseline for Water Purity in Fracking Target Areas - The Sierra Club has offered to test well water purity in Hamilton, Saline, Wayne and White Counties in southern Illinois before fracking begins in those areas.


  • “The Days of Easy Water are Over . . .” – says author Charles Fishman in his book “The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water.” Fishman suggests that we need to rethink our relationship with water to ensure plentiful, clean supplies in the future.


  • Massachusetts Bottle Deposit Law Expansion - The assault on plastic water bottles in New England continues as Massachusetts legislators consider expanding the state’s bottle deposit law to include plastic water bottles and other beverages.
 Quench Weekly Water Top 10   June 15

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