Drink Up Campaign Increases Water Consumption

DrinkUp MichelleObama 194x146 Drink Up Campaign Increases Water ConsumptionFirst Lady Michelle Obama and Partnership for a Healthier America have announced that seven additional organizations will be supporting their Drink Up effort, which encourages people across the country to drink more water. The companies Brita, First 5 Santa Clara County, Haws Corporation, Nalgene, S’well Bottle, Santa Clara Valley Water District, and The California Endowment will promote Drink Up messages on water filtration systems, re-usable water bottles, drinking fountains, and other products and programs. A new study has found that the Drink Up campaign has contributed to the 3 percent increase in water bottle sales and consumption. Drink up and stop using plastic water bottles with these five hydration tips!

  • Make your reusable water bottle special! Pick your favorite color, a unique design, or put an inspirational sticker on it. The more you bond with your bottle, the more likely you’ll be to use it throughout the day.
  • Sip through a straw! Gulping down water can seem daunting. Instead, get a package of straws and slowly sip it instead.
  • Set a glass of water at each place setting at the dinner table just like restaurants do. By sipping water between every few bites, you’ll slow you down and enjoy your meal more, while also meeting your water needs.
  • Dilute your juice! Fill ¼ of your glass with fruit juice, then top it off with water or seltzer to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Switch to a Quench Bottleless water cooler to have an endless supply of clean water in your office!

Meet Quench – Bobbi Stover

baker Meet Quench   Bobbi Stover Bobbi Stover became a member of the Quench family in April 2013. After starting working in the Customer Service Department, she now works with our scheduling team to schedule Quench machine installations, places orders for equipment, and coordinates customer and service technician interactions as part of the Inside Service Operations Department.

The people are by far Bobbi’s favorite feature about working at Quench. “I’ve made some best friends here! My whole team is full of amazing people. Everyone at Quench shows each other a lot of support.” Bobbi and her coworkers are so close that they even refer to themselves as her family!

Unlike Rob and Mary Ann, our first two “Meet Quench”ers, Bobbi is just now becoming a regular water drinker! Bobbi used to drink 10- 12 sodas a day, but now she has replaced them with 10-12 cups of Quench Water! Way to go Bobbi!

Bobbi moved to the Philadelphia area 11 years ago from her hometown of Pittsburgh. She grew up a huge Steelers fan and likes everything about living here, except the fact that she “constantly has to battle Eagles fans” about which is the better team. She has, however, adopted the Phillies as her favorite baseball team, so maybe it is just a matter of time before she is an Eagles fan!

When she’s not rooting for her favorite sports teams, Bobbi likes to spend time with her fiancé and 10 year old son. Somehow in her busy schedule she also finds times to take classes at the University of Phoenix. She only needs to conquer one more class before she earns her Associates degree in Business! Keep up the good work Bobbi!

Now, most people don’t know this about Bobbi, but she has a fantastic singing voice. She sings all the time when she’s not at work. Although she can be shy about singing in front of others, she has certainly “brought a few karaoke bars to their knees!” Though her parents’ wanted to move to Nashville so she could be discovered, Bobbi didn’t want to start a career at 13 so they stayed in Pittsburgh.

Bobbi has many things on her “bucket list” that she cannot wait to complete. At the top of her list are learning to play the guitar, becoming fluent in Spanish, and traveling to Australia and Ireland – though her fear of flying may deter her.

Disappointed we don’t have hover crafts like Back to the Future promised, Bobbi would like to time travel to see the world in all its stages – citing the Renaissance and ancient Greece as particular interests of hers.

Thanks Bobbi for being such an awesome part of the Quench family!

Behind the Plastic Bottle

BottledWaterBan 150x141 Behind the Plastic BottleIn the last thirty years, the plastic water bottle business has transformed from barely existent to a $60 billion dollar worldwide industry. The United States is the biggest consumer in the world’s bottled water market, spending almost $12 billion dollars annually, even though the country boasts impressively safe and constantly-monitored tap water. Bottled water has become completely unavoidable in our world today with people drinking billions of bottles a week, a high price for a product we can get for free from taps in our homes.

Although a bottle of water may seem relatively inexpensive, a reusable bottle could be refilled with tap water for over ten years for the same price. The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that over 90 percent of the cost paid by bottled water consumers goes to expenses other than the water itself, such as bottling, packaging, shipping, marketing, retailing, and profit. The water bottle industry aims sell consumers on the fact that the product is made out of completely recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. However, the recycling rate for PET is only 23 percent, which means that 38 billion water bottles a year end up in landfills.

Most fail to recognize that the negative environmental impact of the industry extends beyond the plastic, as bottled water is constantly transported using ships, trains, and trucks. One of the most highly regarded bottled water brand, Fiji, requires enormous amounts of energy to reach customers. The plastic for the bottles is first shipped from China to Fiji and then driven for four hours to the state-of-the-art water plant facility. Because the local town cannot support the uninterrupted supply of electricity required by the factory, Fiji uses multiple generators that constantly run on diesel fuel. The Fiji cooperation is exporting a resource that the country desperately needs, as more than half of the people on the island do not have access to clean drinking water.

The convenience of bottled water is simply not worth the high cost and the environmental impact. Switch to a Quench bottleless water cooler in your office to lower your carbon footprint and save from 20-50% over previous water delivery expenses!

Exploring Plastic’s Influence on Water and Art

JaneRunyeon ArtPiece 120x300 Exploring Plastics Influence on Water and Art

Preview of Runyeon’s Piece

Artist Jane Runyeon will be creating a large scale installation art piece for this weekend’s Berks Sustainability Fest in Wyomissing, PA. Her installation piece, WATER BOTTLE RAIL, will highlight the dichotomy of the number of plastic water bottles used versus those that are recycled. Runyeon often draws inspiration from nature in her work and likes to incorporate reusable materials in her pieces to represent the intersection of art and real life issues. As Runyeon stated “the spontaneous aspect of installation art lends to more participation and dialogue from both artist and viewer.”

Runyeon plans to transform plastic bails filled with 200 plastic water bottles into a sculpture that echoes box cars on a train rail. Each water bottle will have a neon green label that says “fragile” as a reminder to viewers of the drastic impact that plastic has had on our fragile planet. In the United States, 1,500 water bottles are used each second and the majority of these are not recycled. The Ocean Conservancy estimates that every square mile of the Earth’s oceans has over 46,000 pieces of plastic from water bottles and other plastic containers.

Runyeon will be helped by Jani Wolf and Mark von Stein from her company, All Together Art. Runyeon started All Together Art in 1998 as a way for artists from various and unexpected disciplines to work together.

After this weekend’s Sustainability Fest, Runyeon will continue to explore the connection plastic has with our water sources by stimulating dripping plastic “water” from an old water tower. For more information about Jane Runyeon and her art, check out her website or follow her on Facebook.

The Berks Sustainability Festival will be held in Wyomissing, PA from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. this Saturday, July 19. The festival will provide an exciting opportunity for people to learn about sustainability activities in Berks County while enjoying a day of good food, drink, art, and music. The festival aims to draw attention to ways people can minimize damage to our environment and maximize preservation and healthy growth of the community. For more information, check our Berk’s Sustainability Fest’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

Weird Water News – July 18

The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weird water news stories. Come back each Friday for the latest stories!

  • Talk about hydropower! Researchers at MIT have discovered that the action of tiny water droplets spontaneously jumping away from certain surfaces can be harnessed to possibly power portable electronic devices.
  • A thank you from a sea turtle? A diver rescued a sea turtle from a mess of ropes around its left flipper – once freed the sea turtle circled back to the diver to give a thank you.

Meet Quench- Mary Ann Lockley

Lockley Edit Meet Quench  Mary Ann LockleyMary Ann Lockley became a Quench Water Expert of the Quench Family in 2009 in her hometown of sunny Atlanta, Georgia. One year ago she made the jump to King of Prussia, PA Headquarters because she “loved the company and the product so much” and has not looked back since! During her few years here she has earned  degrees in both Computer Electronics Engineering and Business Development, became a grandmother, and grown to manage a team of Business Development Representatives as an Account Executive!

She began her Quench career as a Business Development Representative by helping to set up appointments for Quench Water Experts. This experience taught her just how to motivate her team as they begin each day with a “huddle” to discuss how she can help everyone succeed.  The secret to her success in sales, she says, is to “truly believe in what you’re selling. I’ve always believed in Quench. It’s a wonderful product and a wonderful company!” Quench believes in you too Mary Ann! She does a great job of following her personal role model and fellow Quench family member Debbie Gallagher’s advice, which is to just “go for it” every day.

Coworkers of Mary Ann describe her as a fun person who always speaks her mind. She has been known to plan the office “Fun Theme Fridays” once a month, which have included a crazy hat day and a pajama day so far! The family atmosphere and the closeness of everyone are her favorite parts of working here at Quench. As a big water drinker, she loves seeing the company grow and new products develop as well. In terms of Quench Machines, the 760 and 940 are her first choices due to their sharp aesthetics.

In her free time, Mary Ann loves to listen to music, watch movies and see shows. She absolutely loves Georgia and the south, “I never had to shovel snow in my life!”  Even though she is from the land of country music, the only type of music she doesn’t like is country! When it comes to movies, horror is the only genre she tends to avoid. Comedies, action/adventures, foreign films, tear jerkers- she loves them all! Just recently, she saw the newest Planet of the Apes movie and highly recommends it- along with her all-time favorites, The Shawshank Redemption and A Few Good Men.

In the future Mary Ann hopes to travel and explore more. We are so happy to have her here- she adds warmth to the Quench family every day!

Move over colleges – grade schools are banning the bottle!

Nina Chase Move over colleges   grade schools are banning the bottle!Nine year old Nina Chase is petitioning to eliminate plastic water bottles from her school in Maine. She attends the eco-friendly Wentworth Intermediate School, which has recently installed geothermal heating, solar panels, a garden, and new drinking fountains for filling reusable bottles. In addition to freeing the school of plastic bottles, Nina also strives to create an environmental club, which she wants to name POLAR kids, for Protect Our Land and Resources.

Chase simply believes that she is just doing her part to protect the environment. Her movement expresses her view that plastic water bottles are unnecessarily sold at Wentworth, where the vending machines are right next to water fountains with paper cups. Nina began her campaign by creating a colorful display that outlined all the negative impacts of plastic water bottles on the environment, such as pollution during manufacturing and transportation, rapidly filling landfills, and disrupting animal habitats. Additionally, Chase calls attention to the fact that clean tap water is a readily available and economically-friendly option for most Americans.

Nina met with the principal of her school multiple times about her efforts and was allowed to begin a petition to ban the bottle in favor of tap water and reusable bottles. By the last day of school in June, Nina had gathered more than 500 student signatures and is hopeful that her idea will continue to progress. Follow Nina’s lead by switching to a Quench Bottleless Water Cooler in your office!

Climate Change Might Affect Drinking Water

Potomac River Climate Change Might Affect Drinking Water Factors of global warming have recently influenced the movement of waterways, which could later lead to various problems with tap water. Rising air and water temperatures in combination with increased development has caused slower water speeds in usually fast-moving rivers. Officials fear that these changes reduce the river’s ability to flush pollution from the water in the area, which fosters the growth of algae.

The National Climate Assessment reports that air temperatures have risen about two degrees in the last 100 years. If global carbon emissions continue at their current rate, there will likely be a spread of longer heat waves and a further increase in average air temperatures. Surface water temperatures have been rising annually and are expected to increase by about three to four degrees in the near future.

These temperature increases have led to a new ecosystem that could force water treatment plants to change their filtration process, possibly leading to higher water bills for customers. Some of problematic scenarios for municipal water treatment plants could include longer blooming seasons for blue green algae, a decrease of eelgrass, and more runoff from farms and rainwater filled with contaminants and pollutants. Blue green algae is known for releasing toxins that cause liver tumors, neurological disorders, and even death in both animals and humans. Additionally, the algae absorb oxygen, which affects the odor, clarity and taste of the water.

Currently, municipal water treatment plants struggle to remove blue green algae’s naturally occurring compounds, which are noticeable at very low levels, through conventional methods. Although the treated water does not pose a health threat and is safe for cooking, laundry and bathing, many people find it unpalatable. Don’t take any chances when it comes your office water, switch to a Quench bottleless water cooler to ensure that your office has the cleanest water available.

Weird Water News – July 11

The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weird water news stories. Come back each Friday for the latest stories!

  • That’s one way to stay clean – can’t say we recommend it  –  A man in Japan used the storm of an approaching typhoon to wash his hair.
  • Heard of mallrats? What about mallcarp? Neighbors of the abandoned New World Mall in Thailand have turned the mall into an aquarium.

Meet Quench – Robert Baker

album 1 25 edit Meet Quench   Robert BakerRobert Baker joined the Customer Service department of the Quench family almost exactly two years ago; he sets up appointments, works with billing, and interacts with customers to make sure their Quench experience is positive. His favorite part of his job is working with customers, but this could stem from being the middle child of a large family – he is the 10th out of 16 children!

Rob counts his co-workers as his favorite part of working here. “I have met some of the best friends of my life here at Quench. They are certifiable, but really great people.”

His co-workers love him too – often describing him as “Quenchy.” At Quench, we strive to be dependable, energetic and up-beat as we work together to solve problems and go the extra mile for our co-workers and our customers. Rob insists that it’s all about teamwork, because when you’re in the Quench family, everyone is pulling for you.

We’ve all heard that the average person should drink about 8 cups of water each day. Rob, however, is far from average! He has always been a big water drinker, even as a child. Today, it is not unusual for him to drink 2- 3 gallons of water per day! Are you wondering how? Rob keeps a huge pitcher of Quench water at his desk at all times and he refills it a few times a day. But Rob loves Quench water so much – he actually fills a large 1.5 liter bottle to take home so he can drink Quench water everywhere he goes!

As a child Rob loved to drink the cold, sweet water pumped up from the freshwater well right next to his favorite playground in East Norton. “Quench water tastes very close to that”, Robert explained as he reminisces about the look of his many brothers and sisters all over the slides and swings in the summertime.

However, astonishingly enough, Rob’s favorite Quench machine isn’t even a water cooler! The ice machines have a special place in his heart. Robert’s uncle owned a tavern growing up so he’s always been amazed by the unlimited supply of ice.

Outside of work, Rob enjoys movies, particularly horror movies. Going to the movies is a cherished childhood memory of his. His father was a trucker so sometimes when returning from a trip – even in the dead of night – he would take Rob and his siblings to the Ridge Pike Drive-In movie theatre, pajamas and all!

When he isn’t watching horror movies, Rob likes listen to peaceful and relaxing music like gospel, jazz and contemporary music. He also enjoys recording music and church services for his church. He helps to record services, edit them and then sell the recordings to various church members. When he needs a night to relax, he goes to a jazz club in Philadelphia called Warm Daddy’s – “the name is funny, but the food and music are great!”

We are so glad to have Rob as a member of the Quench family!