Weird Water News – September 12

The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weird water news stories. Come back each Friday for the latest stories!

  • Maybe Nessie needed a vacation? Photographer Elle Williams believes she took a picture of the Loch Ness monster about 150 miles away from its traditional home.
  • If the rain won’t come to us, we can go to the rain? Russian inventors have created a a specially outfitted weather balloon that can collect fresh water from clouds.
  • Scientists have discovered the scariest dinosaur yet – the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus is a cross between a Tyrannosaurus rex, a crocodile, and a whale that could walk as well as swim.
  • From space to the bottom of the ocean! Astronaut Jeremy Hansen is spending a week living at the bottom of the ocean – about 65 feet below the surface to be exact – to prepare for future space missions.
  • A little sunlight and pencil is all you need to purify water? Engineer Hadi Ghasemi of the University of Houston has developed a material using graphite that desalinates water efficiently using solar energy.

Quench is Attending IFMA World Workplace in New Orleans! Are you?

ExhibitingButton Quench is Attending IFMA World Workplace in New Orleans! Are you?Quench is excited to be exhibiting at IFMA World Workplace in New Orleans on September 17 and 18. Make sure you stop by booth 1439 to taste filtered water from the Quench 750 and the Quench 735.

Held annually, the IFMA World Workplace is part educational program and part exposition geared toward the needs of professionals who support facilities – from facility managers, IT, PM and HR to engineering, security, real estate, and sustainability/energy specialists. More than 4,000 industry professionals from 40 countries attend World Workplace each year to learn how to improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity, and network with other professionals. For more information on attending IFMA World Workplace, please click here.

Talk to a Quench Water Expert at IFMA to learn about the space-saving Quench 735 and the new Quench 750. The Quench 735 with is compact, economical countertop design looks great in the break room, lobby, or reception area. It offers hot, cold and ambient water through push-button dispensing, including a safety button sequence for hot water.

Typically serving up to 65 users, the freestanding Quench 750 is great for showrooms, lobbies, reception areas, and anywhere else you need a virtually endless supply of great-tasting filtered water. The 750 is packed with features including hot, cold, and ambient water, BioCote® anti-microbial treatment on surfaces, and ultraviolet self-sanitization. Make sure you have a taste of the filtered water from the Quench 735 and Quench 750.

Stop by Booth 1439 to chat with a Quench Water Expert about your drinking water needs! Hope to see you there!

Weird Water News – September 5

The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weird water news stories. Come back each Friday for the latest stories!

  • A Flat Reusable Water Bottle? Memobottles are BPA –free reusable bottles designed to match the dimensions of a letter.
  • Even firefighters won’t drink from the hose! A Kentucky fire department has installed water coolers on their fire trucks so water will be readily available for firefighters.
  • Clean water through the power of the sun! A civil engineering student from the University of Buffalo has developed a solar/water lens that purifies water.
  • Guess he didn’t want his picture taken – A Great White shark off the coast of New Zealand ate Emmy award-winning wildlife cameraman Andy Casagrande’s camera kit worth $12,000.

Must Eat Brains! Naegleri fowleri Found in St. John Parish Water Sample

NaelgeriaFowleriAmoeba Must Eat Brains! Naegleri fowleri Found in St. John Parish Water SampleA water sample taken by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals in St. John parish has tested positive for the brain eating amoeba, Naegleria fowleri. Naegleria fowleri is the same brain eating amoeba found in St. Bernard and DeSoto Parish last year and is blamed for the deaths of two children.

Local officials have stated that while “the parish’s system is currently in compliance with all state and federal drinking water regulations, including the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital’s emergency rule for Naegleria fowleri,” they have advised residents of Reserve, Garyville, and Mt. Airy, over 12,500 people, to take precautions. As a precautionary measure, the St. John school system has closed off all the water coolers and fountains in its schools.

A chlorine burn, where the water lines are infused with free chlorine, has been scheduled to begin Thursday morning followed by a 60 day wait to determine if the amoeba has been flushed out. Free chlorine is a stronger, faster-acting disinfectant than the normal infusion of chloramines, a combination of chlorine and ammonia.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Naegleria fowleri normally eats bacteria, but will use the human brain as a food source when it finds its way into the human body. Previous studies have suggested that Naelgeria fowleri amoebas are attracted to the chemicals that nerve cells use for communication. The amoebas normally travel through the olfactory nerve from the nose into the frontal lobe of the brain. Since the nose is the pathway of the amoeba, infection occurs most often from diving, water skiing, or other water sports where water is forced into the nose. Another common source of infection is the use of neti pots to clean sinuses infections.

Weird Water News – August 29

The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weird water news stories. Come back each Friday for the latest stories!

  • No ordinary lily pad! The LilyPad, a floating, solar-powered water treatment device that can be used to pre-treat stormwater, has been awarded $94,000 in a second round of funding.
  • Would you like to buy a boat from the U.S. Navy? The U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Navy in particular, is auctioning off a 50-foot sailboat with bidding starting at $25!
  • Move over Metropolitian Museum of Art! As part of The Water Tank Project, over 60 artists from all over the world will be creating original artwork on New York City’s water tanks.
  • You’re my boy, Blue! A blue lobster was caught off the coast of Maine and will be the newest attraction at the Maine State Aquarium.

Back to School Shopping? Don’t Forget Your Reusable Water Bottle!

back to school 180x157 Back to School Shopping? Dont Forget Your Reusable Water Bottle!It’s that time of the year again – when parents are excited and kids are sad – it’s Back to School season! While Back to School shopping this year, make sure you pick up a reusable water bottle because four more schools have banned the bottle: Mount de Sales Academy in Georgia, Green Mountain College in Vermont, University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, and Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Connecticut.

Mount de Sales Academy’s environmental club decided to work to ban the bottle after watching the short film, The Story of Bottled Water.” The club prepared and offered a presentation to both the school administrators and the student body. The student body then decided to end the use of bottled water on campus. Mount de Sales Academy installed bottleless water coolers at both the middle school and high school. The environmental club is also selling reusable water bottles with the school’s logo to encourage students to switch.

Like Mount de Sales Academy’s ban, Green Mountian College’s ban on bottled water, which started on August 15, started as a student-led project. Andrea Roebuck worked with Green Mountain College’s sustainability coordinator, Aaron Witham to develop the most effective way to ban the sale of bottled water on campus. Roebuck concerns were economic and environmental as well as about the commodification of water, an increasingly precious resource. “The more we buy and sell bottled water, the more we engage in a culture of treating water as a commodity, incentivizing businesses to extract it from the ground in one community and selling it elsewhere, with little benefit to the people or ecosystem in the community from which the water was extracted,” he said. The school’s food service provider, Chartwells, and outside vendors, including PepsiCo, stop stocking bottled water in the school’s vending machines.

After gathering dozens of signatures at a taste test booth last November, students of the University of Saskatchewan Environment and Sustainability Student Association are moving forward with their final petition to ban the bottle on the school’s campus. The University of Saskatchewan has added over 18 bottle filling stations throughout the campus to encourage students to switch to reusable water bottles.

The students in Letitia Garcia-Tripp’s environmental science class at Housatonic Valley Regional High School watched the documentary, Tapped, and were inspired to ban the bottle at their school. After presenting to the region’s Board of Education, Board agreed to the purchase of water-bottle filling stations for Housatonic Valley Regional High School as well as another local high school and in the public area of town, Falls Village, CT.

Congrats to Mount de Sales Academy, Green Mountain College, University of Saskatchewan, and Housatonic Valley Regional High School! Join in the Ban the Bottle movement and switch to a bottleless water cooler from Quench today!

Weird Water News – August 22

The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weird water news stories. Come back each Friday for the latest stories!

  • Happy Birthday! Delaney Hill of Deerfield Beach, FL is dedicating her birthday to raise funds to provide clean drinking water to residents of developing countries.
  • Summers are for spending time in the pool… but this Arizona family transformed their swimming pool into a closed-loop ecosystem that provides enough food to feed a family of five!
  • Isn’t that how Jurassic Park starts? Scientists in Antarctica have discovered a microbial ecosystem underneath 2,625 feet of ice where no sunlight has been felt for millions of years!

Meet Quench – Victor Moreira

VictorMoreira Meet Quench   Victor MoreiraHave you ever gone on vacation and just never wanted to leave? Quench service technician, Victor Moreira and his family did just that!

Victor was born in Vitoria, the capital of the state Espirito Santo in Brazil. Vitoria, a small island within in a bay, was founded in 1551 and is considered one of the best capitals to live in according to the Getulio Vargas Foundation, a Brazilian higher education institution. Victor then moved to Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo, where he grew up. Like many young Brazilian men, Victor served in the Brazilian Army as a young adult, serving as a soldier for 3 years and then as a Sergeant for 1. After serving in the Army, Victor worked for a Brazilian state school as a music teacher, teaching music theory and guitar to students while playing baroque-style guitar in a local orchestra.

Then in 1994, Victor and his family went on a vacation that would completely change their lives. While visiting Boston as tourists, they decided to stay in the U.S. instead of returning to Brazil. While it is harder for many tourists to be granted a green card, Victor and his family were lucky – blessed if you ask Victor – that Victor was able to find work at a company where the owner sponsored them for green card status.

Victor started working for Atlas Watersystems in September 2005 as a service technician, but after about 3 or 4 years working as a field technician, he was transferred to repairs in the warehouse. Victor describes his favorite part of the day as “repairing something that was broken… making a broken machine new again.”

Since Quench acquired Atlas Watersystems a couple months ago, Victor spends most of his day learning about Quench machines – how to fix Quench ice dispensers and water coolers with sparkling water – in preparation to becoming a Quench field service technician in the coming months, a position he is excited to return to.

Ten years after deciding to stay, Victor and his family started what Victor describes as “the expensive process” of becoming U.S. citizens. The last step of this process is Civics Test. Prospective U.S. citizens study over 100 questions about U.S. history, government and citizen responsibilities. During the test a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officer or USCIS officer will ask up to 10 questions, but Victor was so prepared, he was only asked 5 questions. After passing the Civics Test, Victor took his citizenship oath this past July 24, officially becoming a U.S. citizen! Congrats, Victor!

Now that Victor is a U.S. citizen, he spends most of his free time helping the pastor at his Christian Baptist church, working as a teacher at Sunday School or giving speeches to the congregation. When he is not at his church, you can find him with his family, especially his two grandchildren who live in the U.S. – a 7 year old grandson and a 15 month old granddaughter. Victor also has 3 granddaughters in Brazil who are 8, 13, and 16 years old.

Victor also spends his limited free time improving his English as he works towards his dream of going back to college to study technology and service repairs.  We wish Victor good luck as he pursues his American Dream!

Weird Water News – August 15

The Quench Weird Water News recaps the week’s top 5 weird water news stories. Come back each Friday for the latest stories!

  • Bad Boys, Bad Boys Whatcha gonna do? LA has water cops that patrol the city’s streets in search for residents and businesses wasting water during the extreme drought.
  • A very good reason to stop buying water! A family in Oklahoma found a pygmy rattlesnake in wrapped around one of the bottles inside a recently purchased case of water.
  • How do you lose 100,000 gallons of water?! A town in Massachusetts is missing about 24% of its water, probably from pipe leaks and unmetered connections.
  • Pretty sure there weren’t any plastic water bottles in the 1920s… A plastic water bottle was accidently left in a promotional shot for the new season of Downton Abbey, which is set in 1924.
  • Moove over milk! Michigan State University researchers have developed a technology to help farmers separate the elements of cow manure to produce water and fertilizer.

Move Over Grade Schools, Beach Towns are Banning the Bottle!

HydrationStation RyanMorrill TheSandpaper 204x148 Move Over Grade Schools, Beach Towns are Banning the Bottle!

Image Courtesy of Ryan Morrill/The Sandpaper

Long Beach Township, NJ, in collaboration with Alliance for a Living Ocean, is making an effort to reduce plastic water bottle consumption by installing multiple hydration stations throughout the island. These tankless units provide free, cold, filtered water to anyone with a reusable bottle and serve as a reminder to avoid single use plastic bottles with the slogan, “Put Water in Your Bottle, not Your Bottle in the Water.”

The Township Recycling and Clean Community Coordinator, Angela C. Andersen believes that the effort is not only beneficial for the environment, but will also have a positive impact on the community, saying, “plastic bottles are a big source of litter in coastal waters and beaches.” In addition to littering beaches, plastic is extremely detrimental to our environment when it ends up in the ocean, as it breaks into billions of pieces that appear to be food to marine life.  The ingestion of plastic leads to the death of thousands of creatures every year.

The hydration stations are currently installed at beach entrances, parks, tennis courts, and parking lots and plans for additional units elsewhere in Long Beach Township are in the works. Although Hurricane Sandy paused the momentum of the project, the organization is ready to take the bottleless movement to the next level by raising awareness in the area about the negative impact of plastic bottles. Project leaders hope to see the hydration stations become a long-term island-wide initiative that spreads to neighboring shore towns.

Follow Long Beach Township, San Francisco, CA and Concord, MA’s lead and switch to a Quench Filtered Water Cooler to ban the bottle in your office!